Our Vision

STEP has always been a blessing to me and supported me in so many ways. My first time at the group, I was in bits, crying all the time and lost all hope. Many times I was at the end of my world but they were always there to catch Me. I have been through so much pain and being at STEP held me together. Through the years with the group I have also had so much fun and achieved some of my aspirations. I love making and designing cards and now I am in paid employment after being on long term benefits. I certainly lost the plot but now I am able to find myself and know my worth. Thankful is the word I can say and pray others will find the project.


To help create a safe environment for vulnerable people. To support in rebuilding broken lives. To partner with other organisations who share the same values of working together.



We would like to see people free from fear of exploitative situations. We would like to offer help to those choosing to pursue an alternative lifestyle – a lifestyle that is free from constraints and leads to lasting change.


During our years of working with the women, many have said that they would willingly leave the lifestyle if they had help and support along the way, but for many nobody has ever tried to help them. Change is a tremendous step to take alone and in the majority of cases doing it without support leads to a relapse. For the women who have made the decision to change and want to live a new life our team at STEP are there to offer help, support, friendship and guidance. We are committed to responding to the needs they meet on a daily basis.


Our Christian values determine that we treat others with respect, dignity and compassion. We value every person as an individual and uphold the basic value of everyone with whom we have contact.