Financial awards from local Charity Foundations

More good news to share with our supporters, families and friends.

We have recently received two financial awards from local Charity Foundations, which means we can expand our furniture department to additional premises, cost effective for the next stage of our Charity development.

We were pregnant for a timely period, gave birth, crawled, toddled and now we have stronger legs to STEP out…

Our team are so encouraged to have been given this opportunity to extend our services. It is hoped to receive the key and advertise a day where people can browse at the additional furniture. Please visit us at 2 Northgate Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 9AS – browse at the excellent quality of furniture, other items and enjoy our tearoom.

We would like to make a request for new Volunteers and an experienced person to undertake a Treasurers position to manage our small accounts. If you have any time to consider and feel led to be involved, please do not hesitate to contact Theresa on 01502 341625.