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Central Office

The work of STEP began in Norwich but over the years has spread through many areas in East Anglia.
We now support women and their families in both Norfolk and Suffolk.


Our administration base and office is in the town of Beccles, Suffolk.
Please email STEP at: or telephone: 01502 341625

Our Funders

STEP has recently received funding from  The Co-operative Membership Community Fund who support local community projects. Thank you to them for their belief in what STEP is doing.

Many thanks to the East of England Co-op for funding a fabulous family day out to Africa Alive!

We are grateful to the JOHN JARROLD TRUST for funding. More John Jarrold Trust Logoinformation can be found on their website.

Our gratitude also goes to NORFOLK COMMUNITY FOUNDATION for funding from their following funds: ‘Surviving Winter’, ‘Warm and Well Fund’ and ‘Love Norfolk’. More information on these funds and Norfolk Community Foundation can be found on the following websites:
Norfolk Community Foundation
Surviving Winter
Warm and Well Fund
Love Norfolk

DREAMS & VISIONS is a small Norfolk-based Christian community entrusted with money and resources, which offers to help believers make their dreams and visions for social action or mission become a reality.

THE FUNDING NETWORK is a friendly Dragons’ Den for charities and potential donors. They are the UK’s first open giving circle and create social change through collective giving. For more information please see their website: The Funding Network

WHITE RIBBON CAMPAIGN is a campaign against gender/domestic violence. STEP was involved in an awareness-raising event as part of this campaign in November 2012. More information can be found through this link or from their website:

Useful links

Author of ‘Low Cost High Price.’ Highly recommended reading for anyone wishing to work with or support women living in or with a history of exploitation.

Please note that BtS has recently changed its name, so is often still referred to as NCAP (National Christian Alliance on Prostitution). BTS exists to help people exit trafficking and prostitution. They work to ensure that those involved in prostitution have both the option to pursue genuine and sustainable alternatives and the opportunity to tell their story and have their voice heard. BtS continues to partner with over 50 projects across the UK directly addressing the needs of those in prostitution.

A Christian Therapeutic Community, based on a farm just north of Ipswich in beautiful Suffolk countryside. They aim primarily to help women who have drug and alcohol addictions, giving them a rare and creative opportunity for change. Their website is well worth a visit for lots more information.

PACE (Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation)
Please make contact through their website if you are wanting to obtain guidance, especially if you are a worried parent and suspect your child is involved in an exploitative relationship.