‘Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, give him a fishing rod you feed him forever’

— A message…

To our amazing Beccles community and partners, on behalf of Trustees and team at Sharel@Step we wish to thank you for all you have helped us to achieve at our Community Outreach/Enterprise. Our services reach many of our rural communities in Suffolk. Without your partnering and generosity we would be unable to welcome in our fourth year of offering individuals and families who have been torn apart by economic hardship, isolation, lack of relevant skills, exploitation and abuse, some HOPE for a better future.

THE DREAM… is to be sustainable so that we may continue the exemplary work that our team offer to help alleviate some of the impact on people’s lives. It is a holistic dream, working in partnership to develop and deliver services that equip and give opportunities to realise aspirations that will help generations to come. We have seen positive changes in so many people’s lives since we opened in June 2013.

Let me share an inspiring message that has encouraged me as I enjoy the daily work with the team. The first people to climb Mt. Everest, were Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. Hillary was just 33 years old. His feat afforded him fame, wealth, and the realisation that he had already lived a remarkable life. So what did he do for the next 55 years? Did he retire and rest on his laurels? Absolutely not. Although Hillary had no higher mountains to climb, that didn’t stop him. He achieved other notable goals, including an effort to improve the welfare of others until his death in 2008 (my humble personal aspiration and love of community service). I believe that although we may retire it does not mean that we cannot continue to help others. It is a wonderful gift to serve others after our working days are over and what a good idea it is.

Many people find that when they retire they have nothing meaningful to do with their time. But as Sir Edmund Hillary did, we can refocus when we retire by enjoying our lives and families, and giving of our time by helping where we feel we can. Retirement has taken on a new meaning to me, especially as I continue to invest myself in others.

Theresa Cumbers