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STEP Norwich (Standing Together Empowering People) is a non-labelling registered charity, limited by guarantee.


The key objectives of STEP ( a charity delivering outcomes in both Norfolk and Waveney/Suffolk) are to:
* Provide practical and emotional support to families and individuals to combat the worst excesses of poverty
* To build social and emotional resilience
* To improve physical and mental wellbeing

HISTORY – 10 years on…
STEP was set up in 2006 by a group of like-minded people who cared about their community and the most vulnerable who wanted to ‘roll up their sleeves’ and to help make a difference to the lives of many who were struggling and trying to escape a life of abuse, domestic violence, addiction and/or exploitation. It was recognised that with the changing economic landscape and as austerity started to bite that the situation would possibly worsen.


As time went on and from evaluations and research it was considered that the project should grow and deliver outside of Norfolk into Suffolk. The blue print for STEP was used to the setting up of Sharel@Step in Beccles, Suffolk, for example the management and Trustees structure (all volunteers, all actively involved in participating in the activities as well as being the accountable body) would take the opportunities by delivering emotional and practical support to the community of Beccles offering our first Community Outreach/Enterprise in a Market Town.

Latest news from STEP

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